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Honey Australia Chai infused
Honey Australia Chai infused

This is yellow box and our honey infused with plan oils. Chai, Citrus Bliss and Rich Cacao

Honey Alchemy Australia
Honey Alchemy Australia



Australian Honey: pure, organic goodness.

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  Who We Are.

Purveyors of fine Australian honey, infusing honey & love.


We delicately add delicious blends of natural oils and tempted, it's delicious!

Our Honey.

Divine honey to tempt your senses!


100% Australian Bush honey, carefully extracted from wildflowers in Victoria.  

Infused by hand with the finest organic essential oils in the world.  


Add to-

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Add our infused honey to...

  • Tea

  • Porridge and yoghurt

  • Pancakes, toast

  • Savouries

  • and more...