Alchemists of delicious honey.

Geelong honey, natural bee keeping
infused Victorian honey

Our philosophy is to 'Spread the Love' of honey.



We believe that our planet offers so much beauty and abundance, a living Garden of Eden...pure, natural and delicious.


We are based in Melbourne's West and source our pure Australian honey from native flora away from genetically modified crops and pesticides.


Our organic plant oils are sourced from the world's finest which are known for their therapeutic qualities to uplift, relax and renew.


We then create a product that is both unique and delicious.


In each individual jar we infuse very precise amounts of the world's finest organic plant oils.


The result? A delicious flavour experience! We are sure you won’t be disappointed.


  Murray and  Alison - Five generation of apriasts 




We love honey and support the organic industry and bees.

We offer honey that:

- is genetically modified (GM) free
- comes from bees that are free from chemical treatment
- comes from bees that are antibiotic-free
- is enzyme-rich
- is not heated beyond hive temperatures
- incorporates organic, high-grade plant oils