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Pure Bush Australian Honey

Pure Bush Honey


100% Australian bush honey

A delicious bush honey naturally produced from Victorian wildflowers.


For 100% Pure Bush Honey, our Apiarists seek out nectar from Eucalyptus species around the Central North and Grampian regions of  Victoria. The bees forage for nectar away from genetically modified crops and pesticides.


Like all our honey blends, our honey begins raw. Pure Bush Honey is harvested with care, extracted without artificially heating beyond hive temperatures and using a single, simple filtration that allows pollen and enzymes to remain intact providing all the health benefits that honey is famous for. If the honey crystallizes, simply sit the jar in warm water; this is a sign that you have quality living honey! We care for our honey and our bees!


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Rose australian honey

Wild Rose Honey


Organic Turkish Rose Otto, pure Australian bush honey

Divine honey, using the finest rose oil in the world. It takes around sixty roses to produce just one drop of this organic rose oil!  


The exquisite scent of pure Turkish rose oil; a sweet, delicate scent that tastes like Turkish Delight when mixed with our honey.  


This is our most exclusive blend. The health benefits of rose oil can be attributed to its properties as an antidepressant, an antiviral and an antibacterial.  Rose oil is renowned for its ability to heal emotional wounds by bringing comfort to the soul.


We love Rose Honey drizzled onto pancakes, in berry smoothies, dropped onto scones and added to white tea for a relaxing effect.  


This honey can also be used as a beautiful and relaxing facial mask, relaxing and nourishing mature, dry, and/or sensitive skin.


How will you use it? 

Peppermint australian honey infused with organic oils

Peppermint Honey


Organic peppermint oil, pure Australian bush honey

This oil is from a chocolate peppermint variety, and is very popular with kids!


Awake with the uplifting minty scent of pure peppermint oil.  A refreshing scent with a chocolate undertone that tastes like an after dinner mint when mixed with our honey. 


The benefits of peppermint oil for indigestion, nausea and headaches have long been documented


We love it first thing in the morning in our green tea. It also goes well over chocolate panacotta!


Simply amazing for all peppermint lovers


Chai Australian honey infused raw honey with organic plant oils

Spiced Chai Honey


Organic ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, fennel and clove oil, pure Australian bush honey

Our Australian Spiced Chai Honey variety is our best seller. A delicious exotic warming scent, with an incredible aroma of cardamon, ginger and fennel, the sweetness of cinnamon and the spice of clove.


It has multiple uses. Add it to organic black tea or rooibos for a delicious sweet chai. Try it drizzled on porridge, over chicken or add to couscous. It is also perfect in a stir fry.


You'll love the warm ginger spice. The perfect morning honey to spread on sourdough fruit toast and drizzle over poached pears!


Health benefits: cardamon and ginger oil are known to calm the nervous system, reduce muscle pain and aid digestion.  


Buy some today and spread the love by sharing a cuppa with a friend.


Cacao infused Australian honey with organic oils and sound vibration

Rich Cacao Honey


Wild grown Cacao oil, organic cinnamon oil, pure Australian bush honey

Chocolate from the heavens!


Our Rich Cacao Honey uses pure absolute oil from France and is blended with a hint of cinnamon.


A morish chocolate scented honey that smells and tastes amazing.  This luscious blend has just enough cinnamon to lift the Cacao oil, giving it a heady aroma that will make you go wild...


This is a playful uplifting scent, great for morning pancakes, over banana and yoghurt or with sweetened custard. You can also serve it over fruit or add to your coffee!


Spread the love with this delicious honey, spread it where you like... with oils known to be of an aphrodisiac quality.


Infused Australian honey with orange and lemon myrtle

Citrus Bliss Honey 


Organic orange, organic Lemon Myrtle oil, pure Australian bush honey

Locally sourced organic Lemon Myrtle oil, an indigenous bush food plant from Australia combined with the uplifting scent of orange oils from around the world


Stimulate and uplift the senses with these natural citrus oils known for their antibacterial qualities, for elevating moods and for mental clarity.


We love this honey combo with museli, apple and yoghurt for breakfast. Delicious on crumpets or perfect for chicken, fish or Morrocan-style dishes.  
Also excellent when added to a dish with cloves, bay and pepper.


Buy Citrus Bliss Honey to drop into green tea or chamomile tea.


Simply blissful!

Variety Pack 

New!! Now Available - Variety Pack

Our variety pack includes all of your favourite flavours. 


Beautiful 45g glass jars filled with our 100% Australian honey.


Each pack includes, Pure Bush, Wild Rose, Peppermint, Spiced Chai,

Rich Cacao and Citrus Bliss.


Manuka Honey



100% Australian active Manuka



Our Manuka Honey is one of nature’s premium superfoods.


It has a rich flavour and unique antibacterial qualities. Our 100% Australian active Manuka honey is collected by our beekeepers from the pristine Australian bush where the native Manuka trees (Lepotospermum Scoparium) grow.


Manuka honey is said to be effective for treating everything from a sore throat, to clearing up blemishes on your skin, healing wounds, helping digestive problems and much more!!


Bees of Eden’s Manuka Honey is naturally rich in Methylglyoxal (MGO 10+).

Classic Honeycomb

Honey from the comb in its purest form.


From the beautifully formed hexagonal cylinders, our honeycomb is an aesthetic delight of golden wax filled with 100% pure Australian honey.


The added body and texture of our honeycomb is perfect when cut into pieces and added to a salad, yoghurt or ice cream, drizzled over a Danish Blue Cheese or used as a decoration on a Ginger and Pear Cake




* Honey and organic plant oils are natural products and we are very careful to create a quality product. For some individuals however, sensitivity and irritation may occur. Please consume and use products with caution. We take no responsibility for any injury or illness that may occur.


* Chai honey contains ginger, which is a rich warm flavour. Some children love it however use caution when giving to them as it may seem 'hot'.


* Honey is not recommended for infants under 12 months old. If you are concerned please seek medical advice before consuming.


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